The Bible says that there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:8).  What it doesn’t say is, “when” things happen is on God’s schedule, and there is no concept of lineal time in Heaven.  That is where patience comes in – learned by some, and mastered by very few.  Patience is not felt by a piece of coal as time transforms it into a diamond.  It’s a very human quality.

I met my partner in 1986, when we were teenagers. I’m still so thankful that God reunited us back together after twenty years. It still chokes me up, makes me cry, and smile…  to think that we get to walk the rest of this road side by side.  I treasure every second of life. Maybe even more so because I was trapped in what felt like a hellishly, abusive marriage for almost the entire time that my partner and I were apart. Maybe because, at our age, I feel the clock ticking, and I want so much more time than we have left – to experience everything under Heaven, with the one man who I have always been able to be real with.


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