Keeping it real

It’s not a surprise to many that I’m not a fan of “dubstep” or computer generated music. I’m a old fashioned girl at heart, brought up in the country. I remember when I was very young, no one in the family having money for musical instruments (or for anything else for that matter) and using anything laying around the house that could be used to make noise, which me and my cousins would use to form a band during family reunions. There would be always be someone with an empty jug, grandma would grab a saw and spoons, and my dad used an upside down aluminum trash can,which made the perfect drum. When I was older, I remember there being an old guitar and used stand-up style piano in the house. Grandma found the guitar and my mother, the old piano (which was dated 1881). I learned to play the piano by ear, never learning how to read music.

As the years have gone by, my taste for music broadened, but I never lost the love of the old fashioned, unedited, clean sound of southern acoustic. My life partner, Adam, feeds my southern roots with his rich, mellow voice and natural gift for classic guitar, harmonica and “chicken pickin”. May I suggest, grabbing a cold beer and listening to him.



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