Day one of 2013

outwiththeold  I’m going to be so unlike everyone else today. I’m not going to ask you what New Years Resolution you made, when you toasted or rang in new beginnings last night.  So free your mind, release your worries about fulfillment, and read on without any guilt.

Since we survived the Mayan apocalypse of 2012, we should all be able to breathe a little deeper and feel a little more secure, right?  Does it feel any different for you when you breathe in? Nah, not for me either. And it shouldn’t, since there was no real  danger of an apocalypse.  But we did bear witness to some incredible happenings last year. I picked a few that struck me to the core of my soul.

***Fair warning – Grace comes in many forms. ***

Like when the US launched space ship Curiosity and it landed on Mars .


And when a few more states in the US grew up on voting day, and said YES to marriage equality, causing thousands of couples to wed.  And the world didn’t implode.


And just knowing that The Rolling Stones celebrated their 50th anniversary – they did it with style, by touring the world. I’m just amazed these guys are all still with us. I wouldn’t care if they used walkers and needed to go pee between every song –  they are still gods of rock and roll. Good luck at buying a ticket!


Flash mobs started popping up just about everywhere, Whoever thought of this idea deserves a medal for encouraging anonymous people from all walks of life to gather together peacefully, put down their troubles, and join in the song and dance.  I can’t wait for a notification in my e-mail saying one is being planned in my neck of the woods.  I plan on looking like a spontaneous fool, on cue.


On a more personal level…

I had emergency cardiac surgery in May to correct a small problem that could have ended my life years before I was ready. A hereditary problem with cholesterol and triglycerides that ended my grandfathers life prematurely. I’ve probably been living with it for years, but all this time it flew under the radar, cropping up only during times of extreme physical stress. 

Thank you, Dr.’s Raman and Patel, for 40 more years of life. I won’t waste a moment.


I learned a great deal about the reality of working after college. I’m a licensed teacher with a bachelors in education, and after applying at 235 teaching positions across the state, I gave up and worked at McDonald’s.  It was embarrassing at first. It was extremely hard work, and no one at crew level was my age.  My partner and I had one car, and he worked miles away, so I walked to and from work for half a year.  Thank God my trek to work was only a mile, but even that seems like too far when its raining, freezing, or when it’s 110 in the shade.  As much as bad weather made me hate it, I saw the blessing within, and thought of it as my time of reflection.  After almost a year of working 40-50 hours a week I felt the love in that place, and when it was time to move to another city far away, I had to say goodbye to an entire team of good friends…

I can’t wait to see what this new year brings. The way I see it we’re all due for something GREAT.

So, BRING IT!!!!!



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