Love is the magic behind the music

For the record, I’m about to turn 43.  Is that old to you? My body tells me that I am getting old, because I can feel the autumn chill of aging.  It’s the little physical things, you know. My knees are worn out. They need replacing. On the upside, they make great barometers! I know when we’re going to have bad weather before the weatherman does.  And my heart…I had an undiagnosed problem for decades – unexplained fainting spells, an irregular heartbeat, sudden drops in blood pressure, chest pains and shortness of breath that doctors always told me were without cause, because my ECG always looked great, by the time I was being seen by a doctor.  Then last year, I was seen after another spell of chest pains, and the doctor caught something on the ECG that had me transferred to a cardiologist, and then put on the operating table, all within 24 hours time. I had a simple cardiac cath, and since then I’ve had no chest pains, irregular heart beat, or shortness of breath.

That gives me a lot of hope about the future.  Because, I’m in love, see…. and I want nothing more than to live another 40 years, and grow into a wrinkled old bag of bones, rocking next to the man who I already think of as my husband.

When I was younger, I would’ve been in a rush to get married. I would’ve fretted over doing the right thing, and worried about what others thought if we had been living together without a marriage license. Now, we’re too old to give a crap about what others think.  Every moment is savored, and every day together is another gift from God.  Days go by so quickly, when you’re happy.  And we have a lot of catching up to do.

21 years ago, we were sitting in my mothers living room, and it was around 9 pm at night. Adam was playing his guitar and singing to me. I remember saying something to him about us singing together. I wanted to sing with him – on stage.  He looked at me and said “It’s not time yet. We’ll sing together, Carolyn. Just not yet.”   I think I said something like “Well, when then?”  He caressed my face, and said “I don’t know.”  I saw the future in his eyes. I saw us together. But neither of us knew when that would be.  It turned out to be 20 years later. We were reunited after almost two decades apart, a couple of years ago.  It’s been two years already, almost to the day, since we first realized that we were living in the same city – almost a thousand miles from where we grew up as neighbors.  Since we saw each other that first day, when I jumped into his arms, and he caught me, lifting me off my feet in his embrace, and I breathed him into me, and we both cried because we had missed each other so much, for so long.  19 years without him was an eternity.  Now time goes by so fast… and i just wish it wouldn’t.  We’re not wasting any time.

In 2011, we picked up where left off. We became a couple, helping each other heal from the pains and losses that happened to us both during our time apart. Now we think of each other as husband and wife. We perform together – for our friends mostly.  Sometimes I sing, other times I shake percussion – either way, we have an unspoken communication that makes for a smooth performance. Our thoughts are exchanged in a glance, our unspoken questions answered. He records solo, and I produce his music for publishing.  There’s something magical that is between us, and it comes through in the music. It’s a humbling experience, really – watching him blow the socks off of kids half his age, who rock much harder with their thrash metal sound, but who are left wondering ‘Who is this guy?”, when they hear his rich, mellow voice and the sound of his acoustic guitar.  Everyone says the same thing – “Dude, you should be on The Voice!”  I don’t know – but I’ve seen miracles happen before, so –  ya never can tell about tomorrow.

For now he’s happy performing for friends and collecting a fan club at online sites like ReverbNation.


If you think Adam should try out for The Voice – click LIKE, or leave a comment below! Feel free to give him a shout out on his ReverbNation page or his Facebook page!


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