It’s been 5 days since our trailer tried to become a houseboat.  It’s a good thing no one asked me what day it was last week, cause neither Adam or me could’ve said “Oh, its Thursday,” or tell you the actual date. Both of us realized that life didn’t stop for us, on Friday around supper time.  Maybe thats because by that time, the water had receded, and we had taken stock of some of the damage, seen the losses of our neighbors, been helped by the Red Cross, and had contacted the insurance agency. We told them about what happened (of course they didn’t send out an assessor, so that phone call was pointless). Maybe its because we retreated to the home of our good friends about 60 miles away. They invited us to stay the whole weekend. There’s no better place to find yourself. I don’t know how we will ever repay them. They even gave us clothes, boots, everything we could’ve needed and then some, to replace what we lost.

Tomorrow Adam goes back to work.  I’m sure he will see everything as different. Nothing’s changed inside his place of work, but Adam’s viewpoint has changed. He works with a small group of very good people. I remember when Adam was stranded in the water that night, I called his boss at around 6:30 am to tell her he wouldn’t be at work, and why, and she was there within a few minutes. She couldn’t do anything to help him of course, but that didn’t matter.  It meant a lot just to know she wanted to do all she could. Some times all you can do is be there for someone else, and believe me, when the chips are down, thats enough.

We’re just kind of in limbo right now.  We’re taking one day at a time. I’ll be contacting the trailer dealership and updating them with everything that happened, and asking them, “What do we do next?”  Will the insurance write it off as a loss and cut a check to pay off the bank, or pay for the repairs?  There’s no way the insurance company will give us enough money to pay off the loan we have for the trailer AND pay for us to replace it.  If its totaled out, we are homeless.

Whatever happens, it isn’t worth worrying ourselves sick over.  We survived a natural disaster. It puts things into perspective…. some things feel a lot less intimidating than they did before.


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