Little updates and reflections

I’m sorry for the silence the past week.  We’ve been getting the trailer repaired, which means we’ve been parked at the non-wifi-carrying RV campground adjacent to the repair shop 🙂  I’m sitting here at the Dunkin Donuts nearby, that has free wifi, and good coffee, bless their hearts. 

Staying here has given us time to regroup and think about moving elsewhere. Where to park our trailer home after its fixed.  No where next to a body of water – that’s my only condition.  We could both live the rest of our lives and never see a river again, and be perfectly happy about it. 

Friday we had a little treat. It rained ICE all day, so the world was “closed”, and we were forced to stay inside. That was the sweetest retreat. We used that time to drink hot chocolate, watch movies, and snuggle all day. We needed that! It was like a mini-honeymoon. 

It’s funny how God provides the weirdest little moments to heal the soul.



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