January 2013 is over today – Turn the Page

The first 31 days have come and gone – yeah I know, I’ve technically got 9 and 1/2 hours left in my time zone, but I’m going to GIVE that away right now.  January has been such a wild roller coaster, and I wanna get off the ride!

Rain, flooding, snow, then summer weather, then more ice and snow…. boon-docking while the mothership gets repaired, more snow…. but at least I found a steady, great paying job with awesome benefits – I start Monday, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Now that we both work in this area, we need to find a more permanent living situation.  I am so tired of camping out at the dealership… waiting for our home to be dried out completely, fixed, and liveable. Dunkin Donuts though, has been very sweet (you can have the pun, I don’t need the calories), and letting us use their internet WiFi everyday.  And the dealership has been equally kind.  They know we were flooded out and have no where to go at this point.  They said we could stay as long as we needed to stay.  The Mom in me wants to bake them a batch of homemade cookies.

Tomorrow, February begins. Let’s hope it brings us a permanent address. At least, something without an adjacent river 😉 I’ll leave this with a little Bob Seger. It’s how I feel about January, 2013.



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