The Screw: A Sweet Reminder

The Screw: A Sweet Reminder

Adam and me met when we were teenagers. It was back in 1986, when we were 16, and wild. Believe or not, Adam was also very shy back then. He has always broken the ice with a good joke, and I remember the first time he handed me a screw and said “Wanna screw?” We were 16 and standing in front of my Mom’s house in Virginia, and it was a sunny day, probably late spring or early summer, on a weekend and trying to make plans to get into some sort of mischief.

I think the best part about him handing me that screw and asking me that question was knowing I made him squirm a little bit. It was another year and a half before we dated! We loved each other from the very beginning of our friendship, but neither of us had the courage to come out and say it at the time. Adam said it out loud first, when we were 21.

Now 27 years later, I woke up this morning to see this by my pillow. That screw brought a smile to my face. I’m glad I can still drive my sweet man crazy, make him squirm, and that after everything, he still loves me.


One thought on “The Screw: A Sweet Reminder

  1. Dayle Lynne says:

    Oh, I love this so much!

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