Immeasurable Miracles


I took this photo 2 days ago. With it, I want to talk about healing.

God is the Great Physician. God heals miraculously, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Sometimes when we pray for healing, we think the prayer is answered only if the measured miracle happens – the illness disappears.  For a disease, we ask for a cure.  During and after a crisis, we ask for safety and security.  When we are watching a loved one deteriorate at the very end, we ask for a peaceful passing.

I remember 3 months ago, praying for Adam to survive his stroke.  There was a warm feeling that rushed over me when I pleaded with God for a miracle, and I knew Adam would live. I knew he would never be the same, but that there would be a greater good happening as a result.  I didn’t know the details. I didn’t know the when or the how, or the why. I’m thankful for that, too – because waking up every day, seeing his progression as his spirit and his physical body heals,  is such a gift.

As I’ve watched the physical and spiritual transformation happening to my life partner over the last 3 months….over the last month…over the last week….as I come to grips with his newness and appreciate his oldness, I see Healing before our eyes that is without form, immeasurable, and undeniably God.

The world around us says that healing takes place one way, but God will give it His way. In truth, the Healing that comes is for the Glory of our Creator, and it’s only in whatever form God says is right.

It’s not always visible and immediate, but it is given always.  

Signs of Equality

8545_10151845914042468_2116655436_nI love the equal signs that have flooded Facebook today!  The message is warm, and ultimately respectful. I so want to see Congress grow a pair…and take action to allow equality in every aspect of life, and marriage is only part of that picture.  How sad it is, that we must rely on a government that was built on freedom from oppression, and developed with fierce diversity….to dictate to us… who we can marry, who we can legally kiss, hold, live a life with, parent with, cherish the golden years with, and die beside.

If you need a social comparison of how bizarre it is…to judge people by who they love…to understand it..

I wasn’t prejudiced in the 70’s growing up, when integrated schools were “new” and “being tried out experimentally in various school systems” in Alabama. I was raised to be open minded, to form bonds with people based on their personality, not by their skin color, not by what they wore, not by what they believed in, not by what political party they supported, or who they married…by my grandparents, who were all born in the 1910’s-1920’s – who must have been raised to be equally respectful of others by their parents and grandparents (born in the 1880’s-1910’s), despite societies norms which purposely divided people according to race in the time of my grandparents and parents, and according to sex in the times of my great-grandparents.

In this day and age, it’s almost ridiculous to think that white women were not treated equally, not given an equal chance as a white men to have an education, or to vote, or to work, or to make an equal wage. It’s almost absurd to think that people were once separated in schools, or assigned to different classrooms, simply because their skin colors were not the same. I remember not being able to share a classroom with my neighborhood playmates in the first years of elementary. It’s painful, but it was real. I saw it.  Alabama was one of the last to integrate. It blows my mind personally, to think that if you had the unfortunate experience of being born a natural descendant…if you were of the 3rd or 4th, or 10th generation of a person who was kidnapped and sold off the docks of Africa in the 1700-1800’s, and you were born and raised in the USA, and you worked here, and raised your family… and you were even able to fight for the country in war and die with pride doing so, you were still not allowed to cast a vote in my country until the 1960’s.  You couldn’t even use the same bathroom or drink from the same water fountain.  That sounds so painful to read in black and white. The “you can’t be gay” rule is no less ridiculous, absurd…painful.

Please let today be a new beginning for equality in marriage across the USA. Many of my friends and some of my family have been waiting on this moment.

Some of them for a very long time.

Before and After

The water has dried up now. I was cleaning up the house last night, so we could move back in, and as I was sorting through clothes, I happened to look up at our family photo on the entertainment center.  It was taken in August of 2011.  426646_3437833467732_1406520389_nWe had just been reunited after 20 years apart, and we were as giddy as we were when we were together as teenagers. Looking back now, it seems that we were so naive and innocent when it was taken. Oh, what a difference a little time can make!

This was taken on Saturday, 5 days after we survived the rising of the Little Pigeon River. imagejpeg_2-4_zps78983a94The look says it all!


Love is the magic behind the music

For the record, I’m about to turn 43.  Is that old to you? My body tells me that I am getting old, because I can feel the autumn chill of aging.  It’s the little physical things, you know. My knees are worn out. They need replacing. On the upside, they make great barometers! I know when we’re going to have bad weather before the weatherman does.  And my heart…I had an undiagnosed problem for decades – unexplained fainting spells, an irregular heartbeat, sudden drops in blood pressure, chest pains and shortness of breath that doctors always told me were without cause, because my ECG always looked great, by the time I was being seen by a doctor.  Then last year, I was seen after another spell of chest pains, and the doctor caught something on the ECG that had me transferred to a cardiologist, and then put on the operating table, all within 24 hours time. I had a simple cardiac cath, and since then I’ve had no chest pains, irregular heart beat, or shortness of breath.

That gives me a lot of hope about the future.  Because, I’m in love, see…. and I want nothing more than to live another 40 years, and grow into a wrinkled old bag of bones, rocking next to the man who I already think of as my husband.

When I was younger, I would’ve been in a rush to get married. I would’ve fretted over doing the right thing, and worried about what others thought if we had been living together without a marriage license. Now, we’re too old to give a crap about what others think.  Every moment is savored, and every day together is another gift from God.  Days go by so quickly, when you’re happy.  And we have a lot of catching up to do.

21 years ago, we were sitting in my mothers living room, and it was around 9 pm at night. Adam was playing his guitar and singing to me. I remember saying something to him about us singing together. I wanted to sing with him – on stage.  He looked at me and said “It’s not time yet. We’ll sing together, Carolyn. Just not yet.”   I think I said something like “Well, when then?”  He caressed my face, and said “I don’t know.”  I saw the future in his eyes. I saw us together. But neither of us knew when that would be.  It turned out to be 20 years later. We were reunited after almost two decades apart, a couple of years ago.  It’s been two years already, almost to the day, since we first realized that we were living in the same city – almost a thousand miles from where we grew up as neighbors.  Since we saw each other that first day, when I jumped into his arms, and he caught me, lifting me off my feet in his embrace, and I breathed him into me, and we both cried because we had missed each other so much, for so long.  19 years without him was an eternity.  Now time goes by so fast… and i just wish it wouldn’t.  We’re not wasting any time.

In 2011, we picked up where left off. We became a couple, helping each other heal from the pains and losses that happened to us both during our time apart. Now we think of each other as husband and wife. We perform together – for our friends mostly.  Sometimes I sing, other times I shake percussion – either way, we have an unspoken communication that makes for a smooth performance. Our thoughts are exchanged in a glance, our unspoken questions answered. He records solo, and I produce his music for publishing.  There’s something magical that is between us, and it comes through in the music. It’s a humbling experience, really – watching him blow the socks off of kids half his age, who rock much harder with their thrash metal sound, but who are left wondering ‘Who is this guy?”, when they hear his rich, mellow voice and the sound of his acoustic guitar.  Everyone says the same thing – “Dude, you should be on The Voice!”  I don’t know – but I’ve seen miracles happen before, so –  ya never can tell about tomorrow.

For now he’s happy performing for friends and collecting a fan club at online sites like ReverbNation.


If you think Adam should try out for The Voice – click LIKE, or leave a comment below! Feel free to give him a shout out on his ReverbNation page or his Facebook page!

Random acts of kindness

That’s how we can change the world, isn’t it?  This video is only about a minute and a half long, but its filled with people sharing the best reasons why we continue to have faith, hope, and love every day.  Even in the darkest of times, the saddest moments, we long for these three gifts of the human spirit.

A random act of kindness gives renewed strength, feeds the soul, builds character, and demonstrates courage.  I’m not talking about physical courage. Courage is all about emotion.  For example, when you’re completely broke until pay day, living on a shoe string pay check to paycheck, it takes a mountain of courage to donate even $1. If your in a crowd full of strangers and something happens, some people will hesitate to act because it takes willpower to fight back the fear of being seen.   Sadly, some people are afraid to do good because they might get sued by the very person or people they want to help.  Don’t let fear destroy something good.  If it’s destiny, it will burn like a passion. You will want to do it without thinking, no matter how simple the act. Love isn’t measured in size. It’s healing to the giver as well as the receiver, and for that matter, the innocent bystander.

What are some random acts of kindness that you have seen? I would love to hear your experiences. Were you the giver,  the receiver, or a witness?